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Trinkets or Treasures

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Are you the type of woman who says, “I don’t need another piece of jewelry”? Well, at a certain point in life, many women commonly come to this decision.

Consider this scenario. You have a box in your drawer overflowing with jewelry. You probably have both fine jewelry and costume jewelry jumbled together, and may not even remember the significance or value of many of the pieces.

Before you put that box of jewels in a rummage sale or give it away to someone who may not appreciate its value, bring your pieces in to Paul’s Jewelers. While you wait, we will help you with a general assessment of all of your pieces. We will help you divide the wheat from the chaff, or the treasures from the trinkets. Not only will we tell you what has value; suggest what can be done with your heirloom pieces but we will also discuss what can be redesigned into something that better suits your style.  We can even tell you what to give to your grandchildren for dress up.

Also, according to the homeowner’s insurance most recent guidelines, jewelry insurance appraisals cannot be more than five years old. With an appointment, we can update your appraisals while you wait.

Give us a call. Come on in to the store. Let’s talk and make the most of your jewelry collection!