Jewel School

What is the first piece of jewelry you owned? Did you have a family member whose jewelry you admired? Do you have a favorite actor whose jewelry style you admire?

Learn more at Jewel School #101 and Jewel School #Re-Make It!

These two Paul’s Jewelers courses are designed to help the novice jewelry owner understand the value of the jewelry they own. It teaches about how to take care of jewelry especially if you want it to last. We can either come to your group or you can reserve an in-store event at Paul’s!

A few of the #101 highlights include how to distinguish between a Trinket and a Treasure, where to go to have your jewelry assessed, how to best clean your jewels, and which items should be insured. This is a free event.

With our Jewel School #Re-Make It class, you will learn a little about your personal jewelry style and you will hear some options about how to redesign a piece of jewelry you’ve been asked to bring. There is a nominal fee for this class!  

Here are three ways you can get involved in Jewel School…

1. Make an appointment to have your jewels assessed on the premises.

2. Book Vivian Paul to come present to your group a FREE 20 minute Jewel School #101 event.

3. Coming soon... sign up for our online Jewel School classes to learn in more depth about the jewels that you love!