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Is it worth the extra cost to have a piece handcrafted?

Friday, 11 November 2016

The difference between manufactured and handcrafted may seem obvious to most but I challenge you to look again.  What my father, Paul, loved about his craft is that he could create one of a kind pieces that had meaning and importance to those for whom it was made. 

See how each piece the goldsmith holds is soldered with a natural gas torch, one at a time?  Paul’s Jewelers still uses the oldest jewelry making techniques that honor the tradition.  Starting with a sketch, if fabricated, we hand cut the precious metal, heat it, shape it, solder, pickle it then clean, polish and set the gems. If cast, we carve a wax for you to see, try on and, if need be, adjust. The wax is cast, finished, polished and also set with gems.  Each of these steps takes time and attention to detail. That’s what makes a piece of jewelry an heirloom quality piece to treasure and pass down from your generation to the next.  Is it worth the extra cost to have a piece of jewelry hand made from scratch?  You decide!