Gemstones For Your Family

Dear Friend, 

Every cross has a story... and adding gemstones to represent people in your family makes your cross and its story even more powerful. 

Did you know that it’s thought that birthstones have their origin in the Bible? In the Old Testament, Aaron, the elder brother of Moses, wore a heavy breastplate set with 12 Gemstones. At first the 12 gems represented the 12 tribes of Israel; later Biblical interpretation, according to historian Josephus, connects them with the Roman calendar and the 12 months of the year.  

My friend, Mary, posted...

This is my beautiful cross that I wear every day. A gift from my husband Ted Kanavas. He collaborated with Vivian Anton Limberatos at Paul’s Jewelers when our last child, Kate, was born and together they came up with this stunning piece. Each stone is the birthstone of one of my children along with Ted and I. A treasured piece for sure!!

Mary and Ted
Eleni's Cross 

Vivian and Paul's Jewelers