• It’s Greek to me

    Have you heard the expression ‘It’s Greek to me’?
  • Theo’s Crowns

    I am so grateful to Ted and Mary for trusting me with this design 
  • Our campaigns

  • NEW Virtual Hermes Expo!

    Fellow Greeks & Friends of Greeks... if you like Greece and products/services provided by Greeks/G-Americans... please attend the NEW Virtual ...
  • Mother's Day Athenian Cross Give-Away

    Beginning at Noon CDT, Friday, May 1st, Ending 8pm CDT, Monday, May 4th, enter ON INSTAGRAM to Win this FREE Sterling Silver & Ice Blue Topaz...
  • Join Paul’s Jewelers Facebook Auction!

    Join Paul’s Jewelers Facebook Auction! We are auctioning beautiful jewelry pieces AT FABULOUS PRICES! Auctions held on Paul’s Jewelers Facebook Pa...
  • Bravo TV Star-Jenni Pulos

    With Bravo TV Star-Jenni Pulos on Hollywood’s Red Carpet Gabby event. 
  • Re-make it ROMANTIC!

    A client came in with a set of broken wedding rings that had belonged to her parents, her greatest example of a romantic couple. After discussing...