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  • Sale for Christmas!

    Use code wedding10 for 10% off a check-out! 
  • Jewel School: The Mati… Lucky Charm or Harbinger of Doom?

    Do you believe in the mati? Do you wear one to ward off evil? Do you know why the mati is blue? Find out these things and more, in this month’s Jewel School. 
  • STUNNING ReDesign... Before and After... ReMake It YOUR Masterpiece

    After seeing the custom designed crosses from Paul’s Jewelers on Greek Orthodox Moms FaceBook page, Cynthia contacted me about precious heirloom j...
  • Do you love the giver but hate the gift?

    Before/After... ReMake It YOUR Masterpiece!

  • It’s Greek to me

    Have you heard the expression ‘It’s Greek to me’?
  • Theo’s Crowns

    I am so grateful to Ted and Mary for trusting me with this design 
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  • NEW Virtual Hermes Expo!

    Fellow Greeks & Friends of Greeks... if you like Greece and products/services provided by Greeks/G-Americans... please attend the NEW Virtual ...
  • Mother's Day Athenian Cross Give-Away

    Beginning at Noon CDT, Friday, May 1st, Ending 8pm CDT, Monday, May 4th, enter ON INSTAGRAM to Win this FREE Sterling Silver & Ice Blue Topaz...
  • Join Paul’s Jewelers Facebook Auction!

    Join Paul’s Jewelers Facebook Auction! We are auctioning beautiful jewelry pieces AT FABULOUS PRICES! Auctions held on Paul’s Jewelers Facebook Pa...
  • Bravo TV Star-Jenni Pulos

    With Bravo TV Star-Jenni Pulos on Hollywood’s Red Carpet Gabby event. 
  • Re-make it ROMANTIC!

    A client came in with a set of broken wedding rings that had belonged to her parents, her greatest example of a romantic couple. After discussing...