Theo’s Crowns

A few years ago, a friend of mine, Mary, whose husband and I had known each other since Sunday school, had some jewelry repair work to drop off at Paul’s Jewelers. Mary and Ted were great patrons of Paul’s and a great couple as well. Mary had come in by herself but ran out to ask Ted, who stayed in the car, a question. She came back holding a piece of paper on which Ted had sketched something. It was a pendant necklace of a set of Stefana Wedding Crowns.

He knew I crafted Stefana for Greek Orthodox Wedding ceremonies from Gold, Silver, and Genuine Gemstones but had never seen any jewelry representing the crowns that symbolize both the royal nature of the couple as king and queen as well as the sacrificial crowns of martyrdom and dying to oneself in marriage. 

He told Mary to give the sketch to me and said that I should begin making these for my Paul’s Jewelers clients…I am so grateful to Ted and Mary for trusting me with this design. After the first pendant was made in 14 Karat Yellow Gold, I sent ‘Theo’s Crowns’ to Ted to present to Mary. Ted died shortly after from Cancer and left his beautiful wife and three children behind. Mary wears the pendant still as a reminder of their wonderful marriage and a symbol of God’s everlasting love.  


  • Vivian, what a tribute to Ted, who loved his wife so much and with this necklace, she would always have him near. He looked like such a kind man, and she was blessed to have him. I get so sad when things like this happen. I bought a beautiful handmade cross from you about 6 years ago. Wear it every day and am always complemented. I check your blog and am happy that you continue to make beautiful jewelry. I will have you make something else soon. Blessings

    Cynthia J Vergados (Belmont, MA)
  • This is a lovely story and one that could be that of many wonderful Greek couples that marry and want a keep sake of their special day. Beautiful, charming and a fabulous wedding or anniversary gift!!!!


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