The journey begins with the ring!

The journey begins with the ring!

Before you take that old, damaged or unattractive ring you've just inherited to a gold dealer who will buy it for scrap, PLEASE bring it to Paul's. We will consult with you as to how best you can use this heirloom piece. If you are getting engaged or have been married for years, we can assess its value and if the design doesn't suit your style, let Paul's help you ReMake It into YOUR Wedding Ring Masterpiece. 

You are creating a new legacy; you are creating with the piece your loved one wore for years. By taking this sentimental gem, (whether a Diamond or Colored Stone) and resetting it, you can have something that's current, contemporary and a better reflection of you. It's often a very affordable option since you have something to begin with! 

Whether the ring you select is directly out of our showcase or it's custom made for you, Paul's will make sure that your ring selection journey is enjoyable and easy. Call for an appointment today.

Mention this blog post for a 15% Discount and FREE ReMake It YOUR Masterpiece Consultation...(value $75.00). Hope to hear from you soon!

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