She Just LOVES Her New Ring!

She Just LOVES Her New Ring!

When our friend Debbie came into the store, she was wearing just the center Diamond ring that is between the two curved bands on the upper right photo. She wanted to enhance it somehow so Paul's suggested adding curved bands to 'Frame' her engagement ring and make it more 'impressive. 

The Ring on her right hand is a ReMake as well. We took an old ring of hers apart and created three rings from it, exchanging her clear Diamonds for Pink Sapphires in that center Three Stone Ring.  Debbie LOVES pink. 

FALL for a ReMake of your outdated jewelry. Let's get creative and see what can be done with your old treasure. Call or sign up online for a FREE 1/2 Hour Consultation. Check us out at 
ReMake it YOUR Masterpiece at Paul's Jewelers!  


Vivian and Paul's Jewelers 
Jewelry Designer, Goldsmith, Graduate Gemologist. 

"I had originally come to Paul's for a new engagement ring which I love but recently I wanted to add a wedding band. Vivian showed me some curved bands that framed my ring in a unique way as they stood apart from my ring to show it off to its best advantage. Then I had an old set and wanted that redesigned for my right hand. I love pink so I asked to swap the Diamonds in my 'Three Stone Ring' for Three Genuine Pink Sapphiresl I LOVED the idea. We made two stacking bands with the rest of the Diamonds. I'm very happy. Thanks Paul's." 
Deb P. 

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