Do you love the giver but hate the gift?

We all love Makeovers from the rundown ranch house to a terrific tri-level; from the malnutritioned man to a Grecian god, so why not from the drab jewel design to a magnificent jewelry Masterpiece?

The great thing about using a piece you already have or that has been given to you by someone you love is that you can retain the sentiment by continuing to wear this jewel. If you love the person who gave it to you but don't feel its design suits your style, Paul's can help you ReMake it into YOUR very own ‘Jewel de force’!  

Here are three examples of successful redesigns I want to bring to your attention. 

From '80's ring to Classic pendant and earrings.   BEFORE & AFTER

From '80's ring to Classic pendant and earrings. 

From Elaborate Diamond and Ruby Dinner
Ring to Classic and Elegant Earrings

From '20's Timepiece to Multiple Matched Sets of Earrings!

From '20's Timepiece to Multiple Matched Sets of Earrings!  

Please contact us today to schedule an in-person or virtual visit! Call 414-321-5764. 10% off when you mention this blog post! We look forward to hearing from you soon. If we start now, it will be ready for Christmas!  

Vivian and Paul's Jewelers 

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