A Sight to Behold!

A Sight to Behold!

Much like clothes, cars, and home interiors, jewelry can slowly go out of style. The designs of the past have their place but we often simply want a new look! And sometimes, brilliant and modern designs are the way to go. 

Because Fine Jewelry is constructed almost entirely of Precious Metals and Genuine Gemstones, these pieces can be melted down and reconstructed into something wonderful and exciting. Trading in an old car for new or redesigning your kitchen can be exhausting and expensive. ReMaking your old jewelry has never been easier! Paul's Jewelers has been recreating masterpieces for decades but now Paul’s has the technology to achieve that special piece you have always hoped for. 

Julie came into Paul's with an assortment of Rings and Diamonds. After a few consultations and sketches, Vivian and the team at Paul's Jewelers was able to create a piece for Julie to enjoy on every occasion! The beautiful criss-cross ring was the perfect canvas upon which her Emeralds and Diamonds could be incorporated. 

It may be hard to envision what your old jewelry can become, but Paul's Jewelers can help! There's no project too big or small for our team of experts to tackle. Please schedule your 30 minute free consultation online or call us today! 

Julie's old collection of Rings and Gemstones
The computer modeled ring to give a visual example of the finished product.
Julie's brand new Ring complete with Diamonds and Emeralds.
The Ring suits Julie to a T!
Do you have Jewelry taking up space in your wardrobe? Visit Paul's Jewelers and see what we can do for you!

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