A love story

A love story

These are my parents, Paul and Marcia (Polychronis and Marousa). My father, born on a mountaintop of Greece, grew up as a shepherd with a dream of coming to America. After High School which was spent fighting the Germans, he went to Athens and became a police officer, then a Merchant Marine and sailed with Onassis’ ships as a Shortwave Radio Operator.

On a journey to America, he met an aunt of my mother’s from Chicago. She suggested he go to Milwaukee to meet my mom. Raised in the Greek tradition, my mother, although college educated and a teacher (an old maid at 26), accepted the proposal of this young man she had only just met and they were married 6 months later.

My father learned the jewelry business from the 'best man' at his wedding who taught him what he knew, having worked in a small shop of his own. Soon after my brother and I were born, my dad opened Paul’s Jewelers with my mom at his side! Now going on it’s third generation, we are grateful for our past and our incredible journey! 
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